Left Adam Sims. Right Adam Oliver

Left Adam Sims. Right Adam Oliver


Adam and Adam

Tektite Solutions has been created by Adam Sims and Adam Oliver.  We both worked, and still do, in the field of building compliance and testing - SAP, building acoustics and air permeability are our current fields.

Our main goal is to simplify the customer experience when buying equipment.  When we were looking to buy our own kit for building acoustics, we found it a little bewildering.  There seemed to be so many different options - particularly with sound level meters, it was hard to know what was needed and what wasn't.

Tektite was born from that confusion!  Let's make it much easier to buy everything you need, all in one place, we thought.  Life's too short!

Our mission is to provide customers with equipment of the highest quality, with the best possible features and at the best possible price.

Through our research, we discovered NTEK who make fantastic hand built equipment in Northern Italy.  NTEK were looking for a UK and Ireland distributor; BOOM! - the partnership was forged.

NTEK share our passion for protecting the environment - they 3D print nearly all plastic parts from a plant based polymer and use recycled packaging wherever they can; a philosophy which runs throughout Tektite.

We will be adding further products soon for acoustics and air testing.  Watch this space!