Ntek Omnidirectional Sound Sources


OMNISeries Dodec’ Sound Sources

Ntek OMNI Series sound sources are used to radiate uniform sound in all directions, allowing accurate measurements both in building and architectural acoustics.

Ntek offers a complete range of 5 omnidirectional sound sources compliant with standards ISO 140 and ISO 3382.

The five different sound sources from the OMNI Series are designed allowing for the users different needs- logistics, power and type of measurement: all sound sources represent the best possible compromise between weight, portability and performance.

Uniquely, all except the original OMNI 5” are now 3D printed using a plant based filament to minimise plastic usage and help protect the environment. This method actually improves sound radiation/isotropy.

• 6 meter connecting cable
• Soft carry bag with shoulder strap
• Tripod with soft padded carry bag and shoulder strap

• Optional rigid flight case

UNI EN ISO: 140-4, 10140, 16283-1, 3382, 354;

Directivity (D) according to ISO: 140, 16283 and 3382.

Conforms to CE directives.


TPM-PRO tapping machine


TPM-PRO tapping machine

The TPM-PRO tapping machine is of a solid design, with retractable legs but also very light. The integral lithium batteries have an working time of 3 hours and the unit can be operated by remote control; our standard remote has an 80 meters range, or the NEW high power version works up to a distance of 1000m!

The feet are fully adjustable without the need for spanners to save time when setting up.

Comes complete with soft carry case to help with transportation.


• Wireless 433 MHz remote control
• Soft carry bag with shoulder strap
• Antenna
• Lithium batteries
• Electricity supply cable 240V
• 73 mm calibrator

• Optional: 

  • New HP 866 MHz Remote Control

  • Flight case for ultimate protection


• Dimensions: 160 x 290 x 520 mm
• Weight: 11 kg with batteries, antenna and remote control
• Supports: 3 retractable legs, adjustable in height
• Power: 240V, 50/60 Hz
• Consumption: 220w

• Rechargeable Lithium batteries
• Duration: 3 hours continuous work time
• Battery derating: <5% loss in capacity
per 900 discharge/charge cycles
• Battery charging time: 2 hours

• Five in line hammers
• Interaxcle spacing: 100±3 mm
• Weight: 500±6 g
• Diameter: 30±0.2mm
• Front radius: 500 mm
• Curve: ~ 500 mm
• Tapping rate: 10 impacts per second,
rpm controlled by encoder feedback loop
• Sequence: 1, 3, 5, 2, 4
• Effective fall height: 40 mm adjustable ±5 mm

Remote control
• Wireless: 433 MHz/866 MHz
• Transmission ray: 80m/1000m in open field



10140-3, ISO 140-7, ISO 16283-2, ASTM E492, ASTM E1007.

Conforms to CE directives


Svantek 977A Class 1 Sound Level Meter


No its not the new iPhone…

It’s Svantek’s unique Class 1 sound level meter! Totally controllable via The Building Acoustics Assistant App on your smart phone or tablet, this is the only meter available worldwide to have this fantastic facility.

Completely simplifying the whole procedure of building acoustics testing, this meter puts all others in the shade.

If a well known lager made SLM’s.……………


AMG Mini Amplifier - Pink/White Noise Generator

Thanks to its hybrid technology, the Ntek AMG Mini amplifier and noise generator is able to operate connected to mains power or independently thanks to its internal and fully rechargeable lithium batteries. This guarantees at least 60 minutes working time (continuous use at full power)

AMG Mini can switch from mains power to battery and vice-versa, without any change in the power output levels. This is particularly useful in the event that the battery discharges in the middle of an analysis, which can, therefore, continue thanks to the ability to switch from one type of power supply to another without causing power variations.

Two integral high-quality power modules, amplify and correctly balance the sound energy towards either the OMNI dodecahedrons or the DIR Slim directional loudspeaker.

Fully controllable from a distance with Ntek’s wireless remote controls


• Wireless Standard 433 MHz remote control
• Antenna
• Connector BNC/RCA

• Soft bag for transport

• Optional: New HP 866 MHz Remote Control for AMG Mini

• Dimensions: 140 x 200 x 330 mm
• Weight: Standard Amp - 3 kg; hybrid - 5 kg
• Frequency response: 40 Hz- 10 Hz
• Batteries capacity: 1 hour full power
• Noise generator: white/ pink or can be connected to external sources through the BNC/RCA connector for bespoke requirements.
• Channels number : 2 out
• Maximum power for channel 4 Ω: 350 W
• SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): > 113 dBA
• Total Harmonic Distortion THD + N: < o.o5% from 0.1 W at full power (usually < 0.01%)
• Intermodulation distortion DIM100: <0.02% from 0.1 W at full power (usually <0.005%)
• Power factor: cosφ >0.85 – 4 Ω at full power
• Short circuit protection



• Architecture: 1702
• Equalizer: whole parametric filters per channel


Thermic features
• Work range: 0° – 40°C /32° -104° F
• Thermic protection


Building Acoustics - Complete Kit

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Everything you need right here all in one place.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Svantek 977 Class 1 Sound Level Meter

  • 1 x Svantek SV36 Class 1 Calibrator

  • 1 x Ntek Dodec’ Sound Source (5 Variations)

  • 1 x Ntek AMG Mini Hybrid Noise Generator

  • 1 x Ntek TPM Pro Tapping Machine

  • Mains leads, antennae, soft cases, tripod

  • Remote controls for TPM Pro & AMG Mini

  • UKAS Calibration if needed

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